ENDO Katsura was born in the scenic resort of Hakone, at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
His grandfather was a nature photographer and his father a commercial photographer, resulting in him having been closely involved in photography his whole life.
He confronts his subjects deliberately, capturing time/space on film using a unique style he calls, ‘fingerpainting with light’, to capture the energy of nature and the flow of time within his works.

◎ Brief Biography
1958 Born in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture
1978 Graduated Tokyo Junior College of Photography (now known as Tokyo Polytechnic University)
1979-80 Participated as a photographer on a winter expedition to climb the Island Peaks in the Himalayas. Held his first solo exhibition on his return to Japan
1982-86 トBecame assistant to photographer Tosh Wakabayashi
1991 Established the photographic agency, OASIS
1998 Lecturer in photography at the Vantan Design Institute
2002 Established the Hakone Museum of Photography
2009 Judge of the ‘Hakone foto hyakusen’ (100 Photographs of Hakone) competition, organized by the Hakone Tourist Association
◎Selected Solo Exhibitions
2013‘Helene Aziza presente, Simplicite et depouillement
‘Vingt ans de photographies du Mont Fuji’ (19 rue Paul Fort, Paris, France, Group Exhibition)

‘Mt. Fuji/European Landscapes’ (Daimaru-Shinsaibashi, Osaka)
2012‘ENDO Katsura―Mt. Fuji―Earth’s Pulse, Nature’s Breath―’ (The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, Tokyo)

10 ans de voyages / 10 jours de photographies (Kagurazaka Kourintei Gallery, Tokyo)

‘Genten 1977-1980’ (Hakone Museum of Photography Kanagawa)

‘Le temps tranquille’ (Gallery Seizan, Tokyo)
2011‘Memoires du temps’ (Hakone Museum of Photography, Kanagawa)

‘Katsura ENDO Photo Exhibition: Treasures of the Heart ―HAKONE mon fuji―’ (Yokohama Takashimaya, Kanagawa)

‘Treasures of Hakone―Cultural Properties Photo Exhibition’ (Yokohama Takashimaya, Kanagawa)

‘Memories of Fuji’ (Galerie Azur, Tokyo)
2010‘HIBIKI’ (Dupif Photo Galerie, France)
2009‘Lumiere Sacree’ (Gallery Seizan, Tokyo)
2008‘HAKUSUI’ (Dupif Photo Galerie, France) [Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Franco-Japanese Relations)
2007‘Katsura ENDO, Silent Journey―in homage to Koyo OKADA’ (Ikeda Art Museum, Niigata)
2005‘ENDO Katsura Photo Exhibition―Within the Atmosphere of Mt. Fuji’ (Nichinan Town Museum, Tottori)

‘Because that Day’s Wind is Blowing―Kumiko KUN x Katsura ENDO Hundred Exhibition’ (Hakone Hotel, Kanagawa)

‘NEBURI’ (Dupif Photo Galerie, France)
2004 ‘Photo Exhibition of Mt. Fuji’ (Hakone Hotel, Kanagawa)
2003 ‘SOUEI’ (Fujiya Hotel, Kanagawa)

‘SOUEI’ (Dupif Photo Galerie, France)
2002 ‘Mt. FUJI―Tranquility of Beauty’ (Hakone Museum of Photography, Kanagawa)
1995 ‘Photo Exhibition for Respect-for-the-Aged Day’ (Kashiwa Takashimaya, Chiba)
1981‘Photography of Nepal and the Himalayas―the blue sky, white clouds and folks’ (Gallery Belayneh, Kanagawa)

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